Jamie O’Brien Surfs Heavy Teahupo’o While On Fire

JOB Fire


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Koa Smith’s 27 Second Long Barrel At Skeleton Bay

skeleton bay

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Ozzie Wright’s 20 Second Indo Barrel

ozzie wright's 20 second indo barrel

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How To Launch Your Boat Solo

HOW TO Launch Your Boat-1


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How To Make A Mojito Cocktail

how to make a mojito recipe

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Julian Wilson Interviewed After Mick Fannings Shark Attack

julian wilson interviewed after mick fannings shark attack

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Kelly Slater Interviewed After Mick Fannings Shark Attack

Kelly Slater Interviewed After Mick Fanning's Shark Attack


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Mick Fanning Attacked By Great White Shark At Jeffrey’s Bay

mick fanning attacked by great white shark

Mick Fanning was attacked by a great white shark on live television during the final heat of the Jeffrey’s Bay Pro against close friend Julian Wilson in South Africa. This is every surfers worst nightmare…. and there’s know doubt that we surf amongst these creatures every time we enter the water but very rarely do…

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Best Of Instagram July 2015

best of instagram july 2015

Best Of Instagram July 2015 Salty By Nature is back with another best of instagram july 2015 edition showcasing all of our fans out their that have been hash-tagging their salty photo’s with #saltybynature. Once again thank you for all your support and it’s our pleasure to give you your well deserved daily shout outs.…

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Learn To Surf: How To Do A Floater Surfing

how to do a floater surfing

  What may be considered as a novice maneuver like the floater can often times go overlooked by today’s standard of what is considered high performance surfing, but when you’re learning to surf the floater most defiantly is still relevant in modern day surfing. The most common situations when surfing a wave to use a…

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